The purpose of our website is three-fold: inspiration, information and evangelization-spreading the Word of God beyond our boundaries to the whole world.

Parish Mission Statement

We, the faithful of Saint Monica Parish, proclaim our faith in God our Father and we pledge to continue the mission of His Son in the power of the Holy Spirit. As members of the body of Christ, we are called to minister to one another in the parish community as well as to those around us. We therefore commit ourselves to be:

  • A community that worships God by encouraging the faithful to attend Mass and to actively participate in all parish liturgies.
  • A community that nourishes Christian life by encouraging frequent reception of the Sacraments, fostering parish spirit, and the collaboration between all parish societies and organizations.
  • A community that seeks to strengthen family life as a privileged locale for encountering God and encouraging parents to continue that encounter through the parochial school and a Catholic secondary school.
  • A community that teaches the message of Christ by reaching out to all within the parish community: young and old, Catholic and non-Catholic, churched and non-churched, through example and through the efforts of the Evangelization Committee.
  • A community that serves those in need by visiting the home-bound on a bi-monthly basis, by affording the sick the opportunity to receive Holy Communion more often, and by the St. Vincent de Paul Society ministering to the temporal needs of those in want.

We implore the blessing of Almighty God, through the intercession of Mary Immaculate, our Mother, and through Saint Monica, our patroness. May God strengthen our resolve to leave a legacy of faith and a spirit of mission to our children.